HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL BLOGGER, well that is a question that writers have been asking for years now, and am hoping to be able to answer some of the questions for you.

Blogging is such a diverse niche, and it can range from writing about cats for example to the top travel destinations, in other words, absolutely anything goes. Depending on what you write about, and how popular that subject matter is, will determine the amount of readers you can attract to view your blog.

My standard plan for a blog is as follows.

  1. Determine the type of content you want to write about.

It’s very important that you decide what you are going to write about, it can be one topic or a number of topics, but remember people need to know that you are the go-to blogger for a particular subject or story.

2. Make sure your website is ready for your readers.

Far too often I have visited websites and they are nowhere near ready, again it’s very important that your site’s navigation menus are optimised so the reader can find what they are looking for without too much effort. Make sure your sharing icons are in place and set up properly because of the broader reach of your posts the more site traffic you can attract. If like me you test your blog site on a free hosting plan that’s fine, but if you are serious about becoming a successful blogger you must use a paid host like where you will receive all the tools necessary to build a great website fit for blogging.

3. Post frequently with fresh relevant content.

It’s important that you post often as your more likely to be remembered than somebody who only posts say twice a month, you are also giving potential readers more choice.

make sure your post is s.e.o. ready and has included the correct ratio of keywords as this will help you to be found easier through the search engines. Make sure that the headlines you use are no more than 4-5 words long, and make it as interesting as possible.

4. Engage with your readers

By engaging with your readers you are sending a message that you are not just after the likes and follows, but you genuinely want them to read your posts.You will also find that your readers will want to return to read some more of your posts because they know that you actually care what they think, and this is really important and can make a really big difference.

5. Overview

By following the simple steps above there is no guarantee of success, but it will go a long way to giving you the best possible chance. Patience is the key word here, as it can take months, sometimes years to build a successful blog, and along the way you will fail several times. Desp[ite everything I have said, I want to emphasise that if your blog is just for your occasional thoughts or story’s, and you only post once a month, then that is absolutely fine, the important thing is that you continue to write, and if that’s what you enjoy doing then your blog is already a success, and people like me will always read them.



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